Julianne Condos
133 33rd St. | Union City, NJ 07087

Lobby Construction

The construction in our lobby will begin this coming Monday (June 18) at 8 AM. Therefore the entire lobby shall be closed off and off limits to all residents without exceptions. We are hoping that the construction should take no more than a week to complete. You will be notified if it takes longer than that due to unforeseen circumstances.
All residents must use the side doors for entrance and egress. Also access to the mail box areas as well as the laundry room for the 2nd and 3rd floor residents shall only be through the side doors. The post office has been notified of this temporary change. All deliveries must also be made via side doors.
For your own safety, please do not go through the lobby unless for extreme emergencies such as fire exit.
We are sorry for the inconveniences, and appreciate your complete cooperation.